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3'' S30 Metallic Sandpiper Replacement OEM Pump

S30B1A1EANS000, S30B1ABBANS000, S30B1ACTANS000, S30B1AEEANS000, S30B1AGTANS000, S30B1A2TANS000, S30B...

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1. Port Size: 3″ NPT/BSP (Internal), 3'' Flange

2. Capacity: 0 to 256 gpm (968 lpm)

3. Air distribution valve: No-lube, no-stall design

4. Solids handling: Up to 0.38″ (9.65 mm)

5. Heads up to: 125 psi or 289 ft of water (8.6 bar or 86 meters)

6. Max Operating Pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar) 

Fit  Sandpiper:

S30B1A1EANS000    S30B1ABBANS000    S30B1ACTANS000     S30B1AEEANS000    

S30B1AGTANS000    S30B1A2TANS000    S30B1ANNANS000    S30B1AMTANS000    

S30B1I1EANS000     S30B1IBBANS000     S30B1ICTANS000       S30B1IEEANS000    

S30B1IGTANS000     S30B1I2TANS000     S30B1INNANS000      S30B1I1SANS000    

S30B1S1EANS000    S30B1SBBANS000    S30B1SCTANS000      S30B1SEEANS000    

S30B1SNNANS000   S30B1SGTANS000    S30B1S2TANS000      S30B1SGTSNS600 


The pumps and parts are non-genuine.

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